3 Reasons Why you should delete your Social Media account Right now

3 min readJun 12, 2021


Is Social media a Threat for us? or a growth medium to exhibit our talents?

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Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat all these were created in the past decade only, People before that had a good relationship with their neighbors, friends and everyone. Does it mean you should never have a social media account? Is social media a friend or a foe?

In the book Ten Arguments for Deleting Your Social Media Accounts Right Now Jaron Lanier shares 10 reasons why you should quit social media. Let’s delve into some of the important arguments in today’s article.

It Manipulate and Removes Free will:

Free will means acting on your own choice or being independent, But social media decides the things for us, It selects the picture we should see, suggest friends we don’t know, and makes us act like a doll with a battery in it.

It shares our valuable information to the advertisers and marketers. This might be a surprise for you but social media will sell your information, That is how they earn.

This is how Google shows the products you need and youtube recommend new videos, This is how Facebook shows you friends recommendation and Instagram shows your favorite posts often.

It is designed to be addictive:

The more you see social media the more they earn, because of this they make it as much as addictive as possible. How do they do it? By showing the posts that you will like, by giving many features to share your information with your friends (story, posts, messages,).

How do they know which posts you like? Answer is in the first point, They store your information and compare it with others and find the similar interests and show those pictures to you. (This is known as Algorithm)

Even Social Media has Special Engineers known as Attention Engineers, who are employed to make that platform more addictive.

It is making us more Fake:

People don’t post their original picture instead they use filters, They share advice that they don’t follow, They put stories to help others but they won’t help them.

Instead of being as a place of entertainment it became a competitive place, the more the followers the more famous he is. Because of these we are losing the nature of being human and act like a robot, scrolling mindlessly, sharing anything and everything.

We are losing the reality and living in a dream place but once that dream is over it will be a hell.

Final points:

You can ask me, “then why you are in Instagram? You delete your social media accounts first!”. Yes these are valid points and I don’t have the idea of deleting my social media account but instead use it carefully.

Anything used in a proper manner can be a boon, You don’t have to delete your account immediately, instead reduce your time of consumption, Talk with real people (not messaging talk directly), Use that time to do something useful like reading, learning new things, speaking with your parents and siblings.

I have read a interesting quote in a comment in youtube video,

“If you are not paying for that product, then you are the product”

So it doesn’t matter whether you are in Instagram or not always be a good person.