Do you know J.K.Rowling wrote a Self Help book?

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Yes you heard it right, Rowling wrote a Self help book and do you know what is the title? Harry Potter!

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Are you kidding? No I am not, even though Harry Potter is classified as a Fantasy Fiction it has some important life lessons that you can learn.

What are these lessons you can learn from this book series? For starters it emphasis the importance of Friendship, You can see the other lessons in this article

Lesson 1: Everyone has problems

Whenever some bad things happens to us we think that God is punishing us or we are unlucky and every problems occurs only for us. But it is not true, all of us has problems.

As a teenager Harry is beaten and made to work in his uncle’s house. In the magical world he finds many enemies and threat situations but he didn’t worry about problems instead he fought against them.

So never lament that your life is not like your friends instead face the problems and come through it (Maybe you can be Harry Potter in real life!)

Lesson 2: Sometimes it is Okay to break the rules:

What will you do when a bad guy is trying to kill you? You will try to be safe and always be with big people and don’t do anything that will cause you trouble right! Hell no Harry did everything opposite to it, But that’s what made him famous and helped him to be alive.

So sometimes you need to break the rules and live your life. If you want to be safe all the time then you won’t do anything. You need the step out of the line, sometime skip the line and go against the crowd.

this can help you to see the world that others cannot imagine even you might see some Dementors on the way

Lesson 3: You will lose people in your life:

We want to lead a happy life and want our friends, family, relatives to be safe and happy. But life doesn’t happen that way, It will give you obstacles you will lose your family, your friends won’t talk with you. You can either worry that people you love left you or move on and find new people and be happy.

Harry lost his parents, his Godfather (Sirius), his teacher(Dumbledore, Snape, Lupin), his friends (Dobby, Cedric). He cried a lot for them but we cannot live our life crying. So just because your friend is not talking to you or your crush didn’t accept your proposal Don’t be sad, Just move on.

Lesson 4: Don’t Judge a book by its cover:

Severus Snape the guy who punished harry all the time was also the one who helped harry. Sirius was thought a Murderer but he was innocent all the time. At first it looked like Dobby is stopping Harry from going to the magical place but he was trying to save Harry and he also died to protect Harry.

So if someone was harsh to you don’t hate them, They are trying to save you. Your father may be strict but he always wants the best for you.

At the same time some people will be sweet with you but they may have some bad things hidden in them.

Lesson 5: It’s our choices:

If you see Harry Potter movie you can find many similarities in Harry and Voldemort. Both are powerful, Both lost their parents, Both had a bad childhood, Both can speak with snakes, Both were Rule breakers. But one choose to be a good guy and another bad guy.

We all have choices about how to live our life. You can choose to live a fruitful life helping others and loving everyone or You can choose to become a thief, a bad guy and hate everyone. Either way you will see your consequences.

Finally I want to convey this, Life lessons are everywhere from the movies you watch to the elders you see the road so always be open to the world.




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