2 min readJul 22, 2022

“Are you truly Alive?”

I'm not asking whether you are breathing, moving your body or your heart beating... What I'm implying is... Are you really alive?

Are you excited about your life? When you wake up today did you felt energized? Feeling grateful for getting another day in your life to accomplish what you couldn't do yesterday?

When John O'leary the author of the book "On Fire" was completely burnt from head to toe due to an accident, his mother said the following when the 9 year old asked his mother "Am I going to die"

"John do you want to die? It’s your choice not mine"

Think about the situation, a small boy of 9 year old was burnt 100% of his body looking to hear some comforting words from his mother but all he got was "do you want to die?"

But that moment changed his life... He didn't want to die so he fought for his life, he lived against all the odds because he choose to live.

"HE CHOOSE TO LIVE" look at this phrase, everyday we feel many challenges, we feel devastated when someone scolds us, terrible when we are stuck in traffic... But we don't feel grateful for having another day in our life.

It all comes down to this, "do you really want to live?" and only you can answer the question. It's your choice, if you want to live and do great work then choose it and fight for it...

It's similar to the stoic principle "Don't try to control things that are outside your control", but if it is in your circle of control then take full control of it.

"Do you really want to live? it's your choice!... And what do you choose?"