Law 25: Re-create Yourself

2 min readJul 24, 2022


From the moment we are born to the present moment we are constantly influenced by our society, the way you walk, talk, act were all learned through your parents, peers, and people in general.

Soon this identity of yours gets weakened and bored to the people around you. You are the not the funniest guy anymore, your smartness is not applauded often as they were once, your words do not have the same commanding control.

But what to do about that? This is our identity and this is how we were shaped, what can we do about that? Change your identity of course!

The 25th law of the 48 laws of power speaks about Re-creating yourself. But what does that mean?

We all have heard the quote "When in Rome, do as the Romans do" even though the Roman empire has fallen the phrase had lasted. Re-creating is just that, creating a new identity for the situation at hand.

But doesn't that make us lose our true identity? First of all what is a true identity, yes your jokes are good but does that mean you are a born comedian? You dance well but you acquired it through practice, the same is true for your identity.

What we call our true identity is something that we acquired through all these years and it is possible to change that identity to reinvent yourself to a new level.

How do you do that?

1. Self consciousness

We all love certain actors, when they act a character they become the character and it gives life to the act.

But the character is not their true identity, it's just a new costume that suits that particular character, similarly create a new character in your life, become the hero of your life. Forge that new character to life but always be conscious about your original identity.

This new character is like an actor taking on a new role for a new movie, once it's over you come back to your original character.

2. Create larger than life character

When you are born, the world assigns a role to you, once you accept that you are predictable and boring.

People still remember "Ceaser, Abraham Lincoln, Leonardo da Vinci" because they were unpredictable, they made themselves appear more powerful through their character.

If you want to be remember, obtain power or feel important then Forge your character into something that is bigger than life by venturing into the unknown and moving out of your comfort zone.

Familiarity breeds contempt...

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