This One Book Can Change Your Life! for the good

3 min readJun 15, 2021

Are you struggling in life? What does someone say when they see you struggle? Everyone feel that struggle is necessary to achieve something in life. They say God gives struggles to good people to test them or Struggle will purify you. But is it true?

Life was Never Meant to be a Struggle by Stuart Wilde

Short Summary:

This book explains about struggle and the reasons of struggling and how to eliminate them. In just 70 Pages Author creates a life changing book. Let’s see the reasons and how to avoid Struggle in life

Common Reasons of Struggling:

1. Need for Acceptance:

We feel like we should have the acceptance and approval of others, so to obtain it we do what they want and not what we want (I studied this because my father wanted me to study this)

2. Feel of Purity:

Strugglers think that God wants us to Struggle. Is this true? If God is our Father does he wants his children to suffer? Do you want your child to suffer? No right!

3. Unrealistic Goals:

When someone say that we should write goals that doesn’t mean you should set a very tough goal. If you have never done exercise in your life then setting a goal of 2 hour exercise everyday will feel like a struggle. Start Small but Start

4. They have Big Egos:

Strugglers often don’t see what other people are saying, they think what they do is right and they are perfect. Because of this they lack vision and do the wrong things and expect right results.

How to Avoid Struggle:

1. Find if the timing is right:

A great idea executed at the wrong time will be a disaster. Bill Gates started Os company when everyone was buying computers. Because, the demand for Os was high he became successful, So wait

for the right time to execute your idea.

2. Am I Doing something I don’t want/need:

We buy a lot of things in our life in which half we don’t use, these extra things take away time and money from you. Doing a job you don’t like or committing to things you don’t want will lead to struggle.

3. Am I in control:

See if you are control of your life, if not who has the control, your parents, friends, teachers, customers. First find who is in control of your life then if it is positive limit it, if it is negative avoid it. You need to be in control or your driver may jump from a hill and take you along with him/her.

4. Be with the right people:

There are more than 7 billion people in this world, if you find your friends aren’t helping you to grow then quit it and build a loyal army. Don’t let that one person decide your life.


Struggle isn’t necessary if you work on the right thing, don’t confuse struggle with Effort. Effort is something you put to achieve something but struggle is like a lifelong battle. Effort is doing some extra work but struggle is about suffering.

The reason we struggle is our mind is programmed to struggling, Our ancestors has to suffer to get food, to avoid death and animals. But it no longer happens but our brain is wired in it.

As they say Neurons that fire together wire together. It is not possible to break this but if you identify it you can avoid it.


I highly recommend you to read the entire book, which is under 70 pages only so you can complete it in a few hours.