What the World’s Greatest Salesman Know that you Don’t

3 min readJun 14, 2021

What makes someone a Great Salesman and another a Mediocre? Is there a trait every Great Salesman follow Everyday? Is it possible to learn them? you will find the answers in this article.

Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash

In the book “The Greatest Salesman in the World” Og Mandino shares 10 secrets that world greatest salesman follow as a routine. Anyone who has the persistence can learn this secrets and become a Great Salesman.

In today’s article I will share with you the 4 most important traits that you should copy from the Greatest Salesman.

Trait 1: Form Good Habits and become their slave:

Humans are a creature of habits, It may be the usual things you do after you wake up or the foods you eat at the right time. Without habits we will lose most of our willpower in doing the basic tasks.

But the problem with habits is brain can’t differentiate Good and Bad habits, This is why even though people are compelled to drink even though they don’t enjoy them. We are becoming the slave of habits.

Our author says that if you want to be a slave of habits, let it be Good habits.

Trait 2: Live Each Day like it’s your last:

Think about this, If your doctor says you will die within 24 hours ‘What would you do in that time?’ You would love to make every moment special and do something great which you wouldn’t do normally.

This doesn’t mean you should always think about death or What if I couldn’t complete my work. Instead live your life to the fullest. Be friendly don’t hate anyone, Help others, learn something new Cause No one will be alive forever.

The hate you have for another person will be nothing if you know that Nothing last forever. Comparison is the biggest enemy for a Salesman, you must never compare yourself with others.

If you live your day like it is your last, then there will be no place to comparison and other people opinions.

Trait 3: Take Action now:

Everyday we are consuming more than a millions of information, most of them are useless and some of them are good, But if you didn’t take action about what you learn then everything is a waste.

Whatever you learn or hear, if it is useful then implement it immediately in your life. It can be a new habit or new sales pitch put it to immediate action.

Trait 4: Pray for Guidance:

Have you ever Prayed to God. If you had it will be for something you want or to pass in exam. But don’t do that Ask for Guidance.

If you ask for Material things like Money or New car you may or may not get it. But it will be useless, the next year you want another car, more money, new home etc… Our desire won’t stop they will keep on Multiplying.

Instead If you ask God to show you the path where you can earn more money, or the path in which if you travel you will be successful. Because of this you will get not only what you desire but also more wisdom more experience more people more…

Don’t ask for the destination (Money) Instead Ask for Guidance (Path to more money)


Being a salesman is tough but if you learn the right traits you can bypass the difficulties and achieve tremendous success. Hope you found something useful in this article.