Why American companies prefer Indians to be CEO

2 min readJul 25, 2022

Indians make a good employee but they also make great Ceos, this has been proven by a research that suggest that American companies have more Indian ceos than from other any other country (excluding America! What it's an american company?)

There are various factor at play here but the most crucial among them are Loyalty and Indian Education system.

  1. Loyalty

Indians prefer to join a company and work their entire life there. It’s much easier than to look for another company and begin everything from scratch according to Indians.

This increases their loyalty to their company and vice versa. Sundar Pichai had worked 11 years in Google before becoming the CEO of the company. The same is true for several other Indian ceos

Isn't changing company a good thing? Yes if the other company has more to offer, but if you are changing companies just to earn more money you will not be respected much in the work community. Building relationships in the existing company is much easier.

2. Indian Education system
We Indians speak poorly about our education system, that it is outdated, not practical, no real world application and the like but it also has its advantages.

Every year more than 10 lakh students appear for NEET Exam (entrance exam to join a medical institution) and JEE exams (entrance exam to join prestigious engineering colleges) but only 5 to 10 thousand of the students are selected in the process.

This makes the environment completely competitive, this competitive spirit helps the students to move their way upward in the competitive corporate world.

There are other factors such as Perseverance, hard working, humility are also in the play but these two factors are the differentiating qualities among Indians from other countries.

So Indians make a good employee but recently we are exploring the world of Entrepreneurship too and hope one day Indians more Indian companies could enter the Forbes 500 list.