Why you don’t have to read books

3 min readApr 10, 2024

Reading is a one of the best thing to do in life, no doubt there, but should everyone read books? This is one of the most common misconception that people have today.

Successful people read books, so that means books are the reason they got successful right? No! Yes succesful people on average do read more books than unsuccessful people, but that doesn’t mean books are the sole reason of their success.

Photo by Joel Muniz on Unsplash

So does that mean you should not read books? A big No again! Reading is one of the best way to learn new things, even if you read fiction books there are several things to learn from them like empathy, creativity, imagination etc etc.

A study says that people who read regularly have more white brain matter, that means better brain connectivity, enhanced vocabulary, increased cognitive function, and less possibility to get neurodegenerative diseases later in life.

So yes Reading do have it’s benefits. Then why the confusion whether everyone should read or not. Well it all comes down to personal choice. Some of us are early risers while others are night owls. Some of us like chess while others love football. Some of us are visual learners while others are auditory learners.

This is why a mass approach doesn’t work anywhere, even in schools. Each and every student in a school is unique. They have different interests and routine. Making them to follow the same pattern can affect their mental ability and doesn’t allow them to work on their full potential.

This is why I put an arguement that not everyone has to read books. Books are a good source to gain knowledge, but it’s not the sole source. There are online courses, YouTube videos, traditional classes and several other sources from which you can gain wisdom and learn new things.

So if you do love reading books then go ahead, but if you think books are not for you then look for other sources to learn things. At the end of the day it’s all about learning new things and updating yourself regularly. it doesn’t matter how you take it.

But first try reading a book and then come to the conclusion whether books are for you or not. Reading one book and assuming that books are not your forte is not a good thing too. Try a variety of books, read from various genres and then come to the conclusion.

“Reading one book several times is better than reading hundreds of books once”

Also many people try to read a book in a week or read 100 books a year. The number of books you read is not important, what you learnt from it and what have you implemented from it is what matters. Reading one book several times is better than reading hundreds of books once.

So what do you say? Is reading a compulsory thing that everyone should follow or should you find the source that you do enjoy learning from?